Episode 120: Rachel Garlin, Jason Isbell, Shameless James, Caitlin Cannon, Zach Aaron, The Federales, The Roseline, Audrey & Hugh, The Promised, Rosalie, Andrew Word, Mike Thomas, Qwiet Type; Interview w/ Chris Prunckle about Brian Fallon and Gaslight Ant


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Some really cool things have happened in the last few weeks! For me, personally, I got an article published in No Depression’s quarterly journal! You can buy your copy here!

This episode is a big boi because I also talk to Chris Prunckle. He’s the author and cartoonist behind Wannabe the Comic -- a music review comic strip. You can follow him at www.wannabethecomic.com or on Instagram at @wannabethecomic

  1. Rachel Garlin -- “Capture Me” (Mondegreens)
  2. Jason Isbell -- “It Gets Easier” (Reunions)
  3. Shameless James -- “Cigarettes and Amphetamines” (Single)
  4. Caitlin Cannon -- “Going For the Bronze” (The TrashCannon Album)
  5. Zach Aaron -- “Potato Salad” (Fill Dirt Wanted)
  6. The Federales -- “Dead Gulch Dan” (Honkytonks & Hangovers)
  7. The Roseline -- “Quartz or Digital” (G O O D / G R I E F)
  8. Audrey & Hugh -- “Young, Loved, and Free” (Sisterman)
  9. The Promised -- “I Ride” (Single)
  10. Rosalie -- “Fool’s Gold” (Single)
  11. Andrew Word -- ‘Heather’s Song” (Walk These Hills)
  12. Mike Thomas -- “Sure Feels Right” (Single)
  13. Qwiet Type -- “Little Ol’ Me” (Single)

Interview w/ Chris Pruckle featuring…

  • Gaslight Anthem -- “Miles Davis and the Cool” (The 59 Sound)
  • Horrible Crowes -- “Crush” (Elsie)
  • Brian Fallon -- “When You’re Ready” (Local Honey)

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