Episode 87: Jerry Leger, The Restoration, Sarah Elizabeth Haines, Austin Lucas, Little Teeth, Tanya Ransom, True Dreams, Joan Armatrading, Katie Pruitt, Nellen Dryden


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Opera and riot grrl just don’t mix. Don’t worry — I don’t experiment with that here, just wanted you to share my pain.

This episode features much, much better music with:

  1. Jerry Leger -- “Read Between the Lines” (Time Out for Tomorrow)
  2. The Restoration -- “I’ll Never Leave You” (West)
  3. Sarah Elizabeth Haines — “Losing Game” (Pretending to Sleep)
  4. Austin Lucas -- “Alone in Memphis” (No One Is Immortal!)
  5. Little Teeth -- “Amphetamine” (Redefining Home)
  6. Tanya Ransom — “Armour” (Single)
  7. True Dreams -- “The Scum” (No. 1)
  8. Joan Armatrading -- “Love and Affection” (Love and Affection)
  9. Katie Pruitt, “Expectations” (Single)
  10. Nellen Dryden — “Tullahoma” (Single)

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