Episode 91: George Ducas, Jon Pardi, Oh Glory, The Pairs, The Henrys, Julia Vos, Chaperone Picks, Lizanne Knott, Fox and Bones, Vandalye, Better Than Ezra, JS Ondara


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Of Thanksgiving, creativity, and Dubai! Charlie sends his love.
  1. George Ducas -- “I Got This” (Yellow Rose Motel)
  2. Jon Pardi — “Tied One On” (Heartache Medication)
  3. Oh Glory -- “Daughters” (Single)
  4. The Pairs -- “Did I” (Noise)
  5. The Henrys -- “They Hid in the Shallows” (Paydirt)
  6. Julia Vos -- “Stay”
  7. Chaperone Picks -- “And Follow Through” (Haiku Houses)
  8. Lizanne Knott -- “Hurricane” (Bones and Gravity)
  9. Fox and Bones -- “A Strange and Wondrous Place”
  10. Vandalye -- “Sydnee’s Calling” (Cigarettes & Minarets)
  11. Better Than Ezra -- “WWOZ” (Friction, Baby)
  12. JS Ondara -- “Torch Song” (Tales of America) Send me music via SubmitHub! Send me money via Ko-fi or Patreon. Find Rachel and her comic via https://linktr.ee/rachel.cholst

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