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The podcast for gamers and developers alike!

Currently the only podcast specifically geared towards the latest adventure games. You can find the all the latest interviews, news and reviews here.

In every two episodes we have interviews with adventure game developers as we get to know the people who make these games. We find out what they’re favourite games are, what inspired them to make adventure games and then we go behind the scenes on how they make their games, what advice they give anyone who wants to create their own adventure game and why we should buy their games.

In every other two episodes podcast creator and adventure game player of more than 20 years, Seoirse Dunbar is joined by fellow adventure gamers and reviewers Tomas Becks writer on The Gaming Outsider and Laura Cress writer on the most popular adventure games website,, as they discuss the latest adventure game news, announcements, and they review the latest adventure games released.

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