Occult Magic And The Transformation Of The Self | Carl Abrahamsson ~ ATTMind 70


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Magico-anthropologist and author Carl Abrahamsson is on the show to both expand and deconstruct occult magic and make it accessible to the modern world.

Of course, occult magic is a massive topic with many winding, cryptic avenues and dark alleys to traverse. The topic has much more potential than what can be explored in a seventy-five-minute conversation. So, in relevance to the themes of ATTMind we venture into the world of occult magic with a compass pointing towards a Jungian psychological approach and the potentials of magic for personal transformation and individualization. (That said, we don't shy away from the romance of all that hocus-pocus stuff, too.)

You might be surprised to discover occult magic is much more accessible than you have been led to believe.


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  • The history (and future) of Occult Magic
  • The magical art of Carl Jung
  • Using magic to alter our sense of self and to process of individualization
  • The importance of direct experience over ideology and social norms
  • How magic in occult rituals can alter the subconscious mind, the sense of self and perception of reality
  • The difference between ritual and ceremony
  • Our capacity for willful and competent direction of energy
  • The role and value of sex and sexual energy in magical ritual and personal transformation.
  • The ancient art and importance of imagination and dreaming
  • Cautions and considerations for using drugs in magical ritual
  • Higher Learning: The value of building social institutions that enable safe and supportive psychedelic experimentation for young people.
  • The kinship between art and magic
  • Mythic impoverishment - the dangers of modern mass media entertainment culture on our imagination and potential for magic - PokemonGO!
  • Practical tips on embracing magic today
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