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Zoe Helene of Cosmic Sister comes on the show to talk about Psychedelic Feminism

“The ultimate goal of psychedelic feminism is to promote rapid (cultural) evolution from within—starting with women. Females make up half the human population. We know it’s way past time we stepped up and took our share of the decision-making power—and yet we haven’t. Why is that? What are the “whys?” and what can we do to work through them? My work with women and psychedelics is about exploring those complex, multifaceted, interconnected “whys?” with sacred plants and fungi, our evolutionary allies from the natural world.” – Zoe Helene

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Zoe Helene, M.F.A., is a classically trained artist and cultural activist working for women’s self-liberation, healing and empowerment through intentional journeying with natural psychedelics. She is also the founder of the eco-feminist advocacy, Cosmic Sister whose trio of #psychedelicfeminism educational grants—Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis and the merit-based immersive Plant Spirit Grant—promote women’s voices in the field of psychedelics and our fundamental right to journey with evolutionary allies from nature, such as ayahuasca, cannabis, peyote, and psilocybin mushrooms.

Zoe’s work has been featured in articles and interviews in Forbes, BBC Travel, Outside Magazine, Bust Magazine, VICE, Broadly, LA Yoga, Boston Magazine, New York Magazine, Newsday, Utne Reader, Wisdom Daily, AlterNet, Organic Authority, MIT Technology Review, Fast Company and other top-tier media venues.

--------------------------------------------------------- EPISODE BREAKDOWN

- psychedelic feminism is not what you might think when you hear 'feminism' - the patriarchy and the trauma of the modern world - racism in America - focusing on who we help - psychedelics not just about 'healing' - power complexes and holding each other down by fighting internally - psychedelics to deprogram the worst parts of culture - psychedelics are not benevolent - the Cosmic Sister preparation and integration programs - cultural appropriation vs cultural preservation and appreciation - privilege is subjective and relative - problems within ayahuasca culture and tourism - what Cosmic Sister is and does - building culture / abolishing faulty traditions

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