SUP | Chapter 12: Stop Hustling. Start Trusting


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I've never once claimed to be a businessman. I didn't get an MBA or go to business school. I'm following this path because I believe God has called me to it. I know for a lot of people listening or reading, that reason isn't good enough, and that's OK. I'm learning I'm not going to please everyone. One of the more backward practices God has been teaching me is to stop hustling and start trusting.


Just yesterday I hit this feeling of being overwhelmed after a day full of work. For whatever reason, my heart just seemed to not get over it. I even remember thinking - now would be a good time to take a break, go for a walk and just hand this over to God. But I didn't. I chose to try and beat my feeling with more work. I just kept hustling.

It's the most backward thing in the world, but God has weighed on me recently to trust him more for work I cannot do. I'm a seven on the Enneagram - which means I long for and strive for more. Sound like me? Oh yeah - it's me to a T. Through this learning process, God is reminding me when enough is enough. He's telling me to stop hustling and start trusting.


I get it. This wisdom is entirely backward to what the world says we should do. We should have everything figured out. Run all the tests. Do all the research. Have all the widgets doing their thing so you can make that money. It's all great. It is. But it's not affording me the mental rest I need in this process. It's just making it worse.

So, when I find myself with my computer still open at 9 p.m. trying to run down an idea, I'm probably not doing myself any good. I'm probably wrecking myself more than anything.

God reminded me once again that this business is going to look wildly different than what traditional business wisdom (or new, flashy entrepreneurial wisdom for that matter) suggests it will look like.

I'm good with different.


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