108. How Meditation Saved my Life with Gary Young


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Gary Young is the founder of The Mindful Enterprise and is passionate about using mindfulness as a tool for wellbeing and personal growth.

In this episode Gary talks openly about his experience with depression and the moment he realised his son would repeat the male-family-cycle if he didn’t make a dramatic change in his life! Using meditation and the practice of gratitude helped put an end to a dark pattern repeating through the generations.

We go deep on topics such as:

The idea behind The Mindful Enterprise

The challenge of being mindful

Allowing yourself to just be.

The disconnection of our internal environment in favour of technology

Lack of direction and true purpose

The gained wisdom of doing nothing

Becoming more aware of our thought activity

Protecting our energy

Slowing down in order to let ourselves speed up

The effect of Childhood trauma

Habit change

Healing & Growth

You can connect more with Gary through his organisation The Mindful Enterprise or on LinkedIn

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