68: The Addicts Blessing with Henry Johnstone


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Ooohhhh this is a good one! Henry is a dynamic coach who is changing the world one powerful conversation at a time! But it wasn’t always this way…join us as we go deep into addiction, self-harm, suicidal ideation and the steps it takes to build a life from breaking point!

Henry’s story includes going to boarding school, being bullied by children & adults, feeling isolated, becoming a criminal to fuel his addictions, stealing from his own parents and eventually hitting his own rock bottoms. We talk through the appeal of the magical escape of alcohol when you can’t sit with who you are and need to inflict pain in order to feel alive. (Please be aware of the self-harm trigger warning in this conversation).

This led to the darkest point in Henry’s life where he lived in filth, vomit and piss and his family, out of desperation, called a social worker to take him to a mental health ward where he stayed for 2 months and from there stayed in a 12 step rehab for 6 months which set him up on the starter path to recovery and finding meaning and building a life of hope.

Shame is the theme that keeps us stuck in addiction and we explain the magic of having experienced the darkness to enable us to hold a safe space for people in our work and teach them how to overcome their biggest challenges. We explain how to choose to look at life as a place for growth and avoid the pity-party of victimhood and the ways we look after our mental health now to ensure we remain healthy and of service to others.

Find out more about Henry at: www.henryjohnstone.org

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