Various Astral Guests on a Gnostic Goring of Sacred Cows (Halloween Special)


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Our Halloween theme on AB Live was about popular beliefs in the esoteric movement that they think may need reevaluation. It was an irreverent discussion of popular esoteric beliefs, from the New Age faiths and astrology to Kabbalah and the Course in Miracles. And many more sacred cows. We also discussed the pandemic and the coming election.

Our astral guests were Scott Smith, author of God Reconsidered, returning to Aeon Byte for his lucky 13th interview; his wife, Sandra Wells, a pagan and Gnostic sympathizer who shared her experiences with the supernatural on previous Halloween shows; and Scott's son, Christian Smith, also a returning guest, who is studying to become a chaplain under the guidance of Bishop Stephan Hoeller of Ecclesia Gnostica.

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