Flying Through The Universe Vol. 045 (11.2014) Radar Detector Guest-Mix (045)


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Новый выпуск ежемесячного радиошоу, посвящённого космической музыке. Двухчасовой полёт по просторам Вселенной. Присоединяйтесь! В выпуске за ноябрь прозвучит авторский гостевой микс от Radar Detector, в котором вас ожидает презентация альбома "Summer Never Ends". Приятного прослушивания, не забываем оставлять свои комментарии!
A.e.r.o. Mix
1. Shakri - Cosmic Technology
2. Ruxpin - My Tricycle Can Float From Planet To Planet
3. Manmara - Cosmic
4. Sternenspringer - Treibstoffmasse
5. Legobyte - Starfox
6. The Muses Rapt - The Ancient Sounds Of The God
7. Dense - Massive Creek
8. Tom Strobe - Love Dreams
9. Welder - Purple & Orange (Bluetech Remix)
10.Cosmic Replicant - I Robot
11.East Integral - To The Distand Worlds
12.Supersillyus - Touchy Subject
Radar Detector Guest-Mix
1. Radar Detector - The First Sunbeam (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
2. Radar Detector - Smile In Your Eyes (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
3. Radar Detector - Street Band (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
4. Radar Detector - Inspiration (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
5. Radar Detector - Flowers Of Life (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
6. Radar Detector - Rainy (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
7. Radar Detector - The Last Time (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
8. Radar Detector - City Lights (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
9. Radar Detector - Summer Never Ends (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
10.Radar Detector & Funky Sidechain - Moonlight (From "Summer Never Ends" Album)
11.Radar Detector - When We Were Still Together
12.Radar Detector - Troposphere
13.Radar Detector & Funky Sidechain - Northern Lights
14.Radar Detector - ID

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