4th July Debate: Is 'Medical Aesthetics' Really Medical? [Aesthetics Mastery Show]


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In this week's episode of the Aesthetics Mastery Show, we tackle an issue that cuts straight to the heart of the 'medical aesthetics' industry: are we ACTUALLY medical?
The answer you give not only affects your professional identity and philosophy, but also whether or not you can open your clinic following Covid-19; what tax you pay; and most importantly how you treat your patients.
Dr Tim and Miranda dive into this important debate, and explain:
- How aesthetic clinicians can demonstrate they are medical not cosmetic.
- What are the patient comments to look out for in your consultation that prove you are undertaking a medical, not cosmetic procedure.
- How to ask the right questions in order to improve your patients' well being, and maybe even change their lives!
Watch out for the story Dr Tim tells of the patient for whom the relics of her former cocaine habit were holding her back, until Dr Tim was able to help with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Powerful stuff.
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