How to Not Let Your Feelings Hijack Your Decisions, with Mollie West Duffy


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#381: Maybe you’re envious of your friend who bought Bitcoin in 2015 and held until it hit 7-figures.

Maybe you’re anxious about rapidly rising home prices.

Maybe you regret that you didn’t buy a rental property five years ago, because – at the time – you felt like prices had already risen so much (from 2012 to 2017) that you just couldn’t justify paying 2017’s pricetag.

Our lives, finances and careers invoke many strong feelings. In today’s episode, Mollie West Duffy, the co-author of Big Feelings, shares strategies for not letting our feelings hijack our choices.

Mollie and her co-author, Liz Fosslien, run an Instagram channel about emotional management with half a million followers. Fosslien is an economist and behavioral scientist whose work has been featured by The Economist, Freakonomics and NPR. Duffy is an organizational and leadership development expert who’s written for Harvard Business Review.

They tackle relatable workplace issues like perfectionism, productivity guilt and Zoom fatigue, among much more.


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