174. Casey Gerald: There Will Be No Miracles Here


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Casey Gerald, author of “There Will Be No Miracles Here,” was the poster child for the American Dream, escaping a harrowing childhood to enter a new world of elite universities and secret societies. But as he climbed the social ladder, he saw how this hierarchical divide stifled those at the margins. He came to understand that “salvation stories” like his could be used to keep others from rising.

In this interview with AFP President and CEO Jim Kaitz, Gerald turns the American Dream narrative on its head, explaining how to keep a positive, but realistic mindset when faced with adversity, while challenging our preconceived notions of success. At AFP 2019, he will elaborate on these ideas even further in a special presentation.

AFP 2019, this October in Boston, is where treasury and finance professionals separate the hype from the reality. Visit www.afp2019.org/register to sign up and use discount code PODCASTAFP2019 at checkout to save $100.

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