Warrior/Wu Assassins S1; "Bad" Plantation Critic; Dolemite Trailer-TheGrind 6pm


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It's our infamous Sunday Grindhouse podcast, airing at 6pm (oh and it's powered by the Afronerd Radio STEAM engine), Listen to your not ready for primetime AFROnerdists discuss the following issues: is it too early to declare that we might be seeing an Asian-American film renaissance? Our impressions of two new streaming/cable shows-the Bruce Lee conceived Warriors (Cinrmax) and Wu Warriors (Netftlix); a white vacationer during a southern plantation tour gave a bad review because it focused too much on white participation in slavery (huh?); Netflix trailers for a Dave Chappelle comedy special and Eddie Murphy's Dolemite both hit the cyberwebs this past week; more social media don'ts-Mulan actress asserts support for Hong Kong police vs protesters and now there's a boycott against the upcoming Disney film; LeSean Thomas' (Boondocks) long awaited comic to anime translation makes it to Netflix; thoughts about the Jay-z NFL deal and how it relates to Colin Kaepernick; so how exactly is Disney going to get FOX properties back on "track?"; Illnois prison bans Black books and cancels Black History and empowerment program; should NYC get a comic con museum like SDCC? Call LIVE at 646-915-9620.

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