ATG 026: GM Joe

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The party makes their way through a goblin infested cave searching for their missing client when they stumble upon a halfling rogue who offers to accompany them. They learn more about the motives of King Grull and the mysterious Black Spider.

  • The party comes across a group of goblins holding a human captive.
  • After dispatching the goblins and freeing the captive, a halfling rogue named Meguys emerges from the shadows and offers to join the party.
  • The captive is Sildar Allwinter, the fighter hired to escort Grunden. He explains that they were attacked and taken captive by someone called The Black Spider. Grunden was taken to him.
  • Moving along, the party encounters more goblins and fights them.
  • [01:36:00] GM Joe.
  • [01:39:45] GM JOOOOOOOOOOE!
  • The party finds several chests filled with treasure. A goblin tells them that King Grull is in a castle a day’s journey northwest. He works with the Black Spider.
  • The goblin mentions that the dwarf’s cargo has already been taken to the castle and that Grull and the Black Spider are most interested in a map.
  • Faresh agrees to accompany Sildar to Fanalin while the rest of the party rescues Grunden.

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