ATG 028: Make Donkey Rope Gold Chain

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Faresh rejoins the party after escorting Sildar to Fanalin and they make their way through an old castle inhabited by goblins before facing King Grull.

  • Faresh escorts Sildar and the wagon to Fanalin and then returns to the party.
  • [00:07:45] It’s a caboose papoose!
  • In the castle, the party finds the implements of ritualistic sacrifice.
  • [00:49:30] Make donkey rope gold chain!
  • The party finds Grunden being held hostage by King Grull, a large bugbear.
  • After attacking, a female drow joins the fray but escapes.
  • Thu’ok turns the pet wolf of King Grull and intimidates him into leaving.
  • Grunden is resuscitated and says that the party should continue on to Fanalin.

46 episodes available. A new episode about every 10 days .