ATG 047: We'll See If He What In Scary Want In Son

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Things get hairy during the Festival of the Blazing Sun and Lye considers making a deal with the devil.

  • Returning to the Burgomeister’s mansion, the party finds that he large wicker ball for the festival has been completed and is loaded onto a wagon.
  • The party returns to Lady Wachter and demands that she protect the city from Strahd if they help her overthrow the burgomeister.
  • Blinsky agrees to write a letter telling Izek that he will no longer make dolls for him in order to lure him into a trap.
  • During the Festival of the Blazing Sun, the Burgomeister condemns Udo to death for escaping justice and accuses the party of being in league with Strahd.
  • After defeating Izek and the Burgomeister, Strahd appears and discusses a proposition with Lye to help him unify his minds. They make arrangements to meet by Lake Zarovich the next evening.
  • [02:10:45] We’ll see if he what in scary want in son.
  • The party takes Izek and the Burgomeister back to the church to interrogate them about the things they’ve seen in the village including the magical mirror in their mansion.
  • Lye and Valas retrieve the magical mirror from the Burgomeister’s Mansion.
  • [02:44:45] I can hear racism from any part of the building.

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