002: Identifying and Minimizing Energy Flares and Disruptions


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Today we’ll be exploring the concept of energy flares, energy disruptions, and energy eruptions, which are basically anything that gets in the way of increasing your energy. These are very different from person to person, so it’s important to figure out what yours are so you can act accordingly. For example, thanks to my mom’s playing, I can sleep to the sound of harp music -- but for someone else, this might be disruptive.

Other common causes of energy disruptions are things like too much noise and an overstimulation of sound. This can take many forms such as barking dogs, loud kids, or even airplanes. Allergies are another common energy disruption. Being around too many people can be as well (though, again, this depends on the person). Often, our energy disruptions change and we become more sensitive as we get older.

As you work toward figuring out your own sources of energy disruptions, it’s important that you think very specifically about your own experiences instead of just basing your responses on common ones. Keep in mind that some people need more stimulation to feel alive, with the extreme example being adrenaline junkies. Your own need for stimulation is very personal and may not conform to common causes of energy flares and disruptions.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about how to find your own energy flares. I’ll also give advice on how to take the best care of your body, which involves treating it well before it starts to show symptoms! There’s also a quiz with a prize: a copy of the Ageless Energy Adult Coloring Book. In future episodes, we’ll have guests, more opportunities, and great contests, so keep listening!

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Show Notes

[01:00] - Dr. George introduces the topic of today’s episode: energy flares, disruptions, eruptions, and so on. He then shares some things that cause energy disruptions for him personally.

[02:20] - What is it to feel alive? What is it to have ageless energy? It’s about being in the right states of consciousness, Dr. George explains.

[03:53] - Dr. George offers some questions to help you find your own energy flares or eruptions that create disharmony in your life. If you’d like, you can Tweet the answers with #agelessenergy, share them on or comment on the website at catchfirecoatching.com. He offers a quiz with the prize of a free download of the Ageless Energy Adult Coloring Book, with instructions on how to win!

[05:03] - Dr. George talks about the problems with the FDA, then discusses the importance of drinking adequate water. He also talks about organic gardening, and how we treat our own bodies.

[07:05] - Energy flares are subtle warning signs that your body sends you as warnings. He lists some of his own, then discusses the importance of not waiting until you have symptoms to take care of your body.

[08:55] - Dr. George suggests thinking of your body like a musical instrument.

[10:27] - Dr. George recommends the Townsend Letter.

[10:51] - To figure out our energy flares, we need to do testing. Dr. George explains more here, and shares his own experiences with hypothyroidism and hip injuries.

[14:00] - We learn what Dr. George did recently when he needed to create more energy to get things done.

[14:59] - There are self-tests you can learn to indicate how well your body is functioning. He then discusses the relatively recent perspective that sitting is the second most harmful thing, after smoking.

[16:52] - Dr. George discusses mood swings. He then talks about some methods of relaxation.

[18:53] - People are attracted to energy, Dr. George explains. He goes on to explain some more of his energy flares, but makes clear that they’re different for everybody.

[21:24] - As we approach the end of the show, Dr. George touches on what we’ll hear about in future shows, and briefly recaps this episode.

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