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Welcome to the podcast! I’m your host, Dr. Chandler George of Ageless Energy.

Here’s some fun news: I’m not only the host, but also the guest on this week’s episode! I’ll take this opportunity to dig deeper into several aspects of ageless energy, revealing some methods and tools that will help you feel 22 at any age.

One topic I discuss at some length in this episode is the importance of taking a true sabbatical from work to refresh your mind, body, and spirit. You need to do this consistently; take a year off every 7 years, or a day off every week. This is a Biblical principle, not just something I’ve made up, and there’s a good reason for it.

Diet is also incredibly important for ageless energy. Sugar is the drug of choice for many Americans, but our bodies can’t digest white sugar. In fact, we usually become allergic to it. I’ll offer a couple of alternatives that may not have exactly the same taste, but are so much better for your body.

I also talk about detoxification. This can make you feel unwell, especially the first time you go through the process. In fact, flu-like symptoms are common. With that said, detoxifying can be valuable in terms of health. Listen in to learn more about this!

If you’ve ever stressed out about money, you understand that financial freedom is at least as important as any other kind of freedom. When you’re financially free, it’s so much easier to feel 22 again. However, as Americans, most of us are thoroughly trapped in a cycle of consumerism that keeps us chained to our jobs. I’ll talk more about that, explaining the deeper reason that our system works this way and offering some insight into how to break free.

If these topics interest you, I’d also like to invite you to our next event, which will be held on October 20th and 21st in Dallas, Texas. Listen in to hear more about what to expect there. I hope to see you at the event, because personal connection is yet another incredibly important part of truly ageless energy!

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Show Notes

[01:40] - Dr. George brings up some of what was covered at the Ageless Energy event last weekend, which was freedom. As he explains, being free is what helps you feel 22 again.

[02:41] - In California, one of the largest natural lakes is drying up and creating a dust bowl. Dr. George explains why, and what this means in terms of health.

[04:02] - We learn more about the need for time off. It turns out we need at least one day off for every week.

[05:15] - Dr. George brings up the topic of sugar and processed foods. He discusses the problems with these sorts of foods, and explains what works better for him.

[07:22] - Detoxification may cause you to feel sick for a while, especially the first time around. Dr. George explains this and more about detoxification and colonics.

[08:39] - Most of us run for escapism, Dr. George says. He then talks about addictions, which can be either good or bad.

[10:06] - Dr. George explains how he’ll be taking a sabbatical this summer, and invites listeners to connect with him. He then briefly discusses the conference in October.

[10:51] - We hear about the importance of connecting with others.

[11:21] - Dr. George shares a bit about his cousin Nancy in relation to having a simple life that you love.

[12:09] - We learn about finances, with Dr. George offering advice for how to achieve financial freedom and explaining the government’s interest in keeping us working (and enslaved). He also explains how he’s personally breaking free of those financial chains.

[15:08] - Dr. George recommends creating new habits to feel 22 at any age. It may seem hard at first, but it only takes 21 days to turn something into a habit.

[17:04] - A river is a strong metaphor for life, which Dr. George illustrates through a story about having almost drowned in a river. He turns this it into a lesson about faith and letting others help.

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