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Lindsey Huettner is the Founder and CEO of The it Crowd, a full-service marketing agency. The it Crowd team is made up of experienced graphic designers, advertisers, business developers, social media experts, account managers, and more. Lindsey is a national marketing expert and regularly gives speeches and radio and TV interviews about marketing. She also delivers seminars in coordination with microloan programs to teach business ownership and help people climb out of poverty.

A serial entrepreneur, Lindsey has previously founded and owned multiple other businesses. She turned a pet-sitting hobby into a 1,200-client empire and sold her 25,000-subscriber online “deal-a-day” website after just two years. From there, Lindsey purchased Krimson Klover, which she grew to two buzzworthy brick-and-mortar stores and a thriving e-commerce site. In 2014, she put her business acumen to work and founded The it Crowd, where she currently empowers businesses to succeed.

In this episode…

Do you want to improve your marketing, but are too busy running your business to make a difference? Are you looking for someone who can leverage key strategies to meet your agency’s goals?

The team at The it Crowd is here to help. Lindsey Huettner designed the agency to be a complete marketing presence for any company. Whether you need a total marketing takeover or a booster for your internal marketing team, The it Crowd can fill the gaps.

In this episode of Agency Journey, Gray MacKenzie is joined by Lindsey Huettner, the Founder and CEO of The it Crowd, to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and marketing expertise. Lindsey talks about the inspiration behind The it Crowd, the employee benefits that make her agency stand out, and why charitable work is the key to her team’s success.

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