Episode 83 Jack Maginnes Designs a Live Dating App


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The Agents of Innovation podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists, hosted by Francisco Gonzalez. Episode 83 (September 2020) features an interview with Jack Maginnes, chief technology officer for Savvy, a new live dating app. More on Savvy can be found at their website: https://www.savvydatinggame.com Episode 83 also features the song "Maybe You Should Know" by JD Eicher, a musician based in Youngstown, Ohio, who previously was interviewed on Episode 13. You can find his music at: www.jdeicher.com Please consider supporting this podcast and joining the Agents of Innovation community on Patreon at: patreon.com/agentsofinnovation. Thanks to our sponsor: Frank and Geraldine Gonzalez; and thanks to our new Patreon members: Phil Leadbeater, Tyler Huston, Sean Gross, Chris Cox, and Lance Robinson.

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