"Not a cheerleader, not the enemy", journalist Sarah Mock on making windows in the walls around agriculture


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Sarah Mock isn’t afraid of having tough conversations and shining light on thorny issues in the agriculture industry. A journalist with experience in international development and agtech, Sarah recently began a Twitter firestorm with an article asserting that all farming is inherently exploitative.

While sometimes accused of being anti-farming, Sarah says this couldn’t be further from the truth. She describes herself as being “not a cheerleader; not the enemy”. Sarah grew up on a farm in Wyoming and has worked in agriculture her entire career - from high profile agtech startups such as Farmers Business Network, to reporting on ag politics under the Trump administration.

In this episode, Sarah Mock discusses:
  • The reluctance of some farmers to change their farming practices, despite strong data evidence indicating the benefits.
  • Why the agriculture industry needs to start telling the truth about what farming looks like, and start addressing what customers want.
  • How agriculture policy and incentives can actually lead to poor business decisions & outcomes.
  • What it feels like to stick up for controversial beliefs, and the pushback she receives from being provocative and “making windows in the walls around farming”.

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