John Whaley, Founder and CEO of UnifyID, discusses the future of biometric authentication and how to prepare for a world beyond passwords


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John Whaley has been programming since age five. He has been a lecturer at Stanford in Computer Science, a founding CTO, and a founding CEO. John raised a large series A in 2017 and has sold two companies. Oh, and he's out to save the world from passwords. UnifyID is a pioneer in the use of biometric data stored on mobile devices to authenticate users.
Listen and learn...

  1. How John's personal journey led to the founding and successful acquisition of UnifyID by Prove.
  2. About the ethical implications of giving Big Tech access to your biometric data.
  3. Why "being yourself should provide enough information to uniquely identify you."
  4. What John means when he says "data isn't the new oil... it's the new kryptonite."
  5. John's bold prediction for when passwords will no longer be the predominant form of authentication (spoiler alert: it's sooner than you think).

Thanks to Vinay Prabhu for the introduction to John.

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