Drive Partner Loyalty in Channel Enablement for more ROI w/ Devon Wellbrock


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Tasked with the unenviable responsibility of juggling multiple priorities including partner recruitment, managing channel sales performance and ensuring MDF are used wisely, it’s no surprise channel leaders are looking for support.

In the latest episode of our AI for B2B Marketing podcast series, we invited Devon Wellbrock, Senior Vice President at MRP, to discuss the biggest obsticles facing channel marketers. One of the most prevailing challenges facing partner loyalty is when budget isn’t being used to really develop a competitive solution.

Once again, AI might be your solution. When it comes to channel enablement, Devon said that it all starts with a path: "AI has the power to show you all of the accounts that you need and where they are at in their buyers journey, so that you can use the entire funding at every point along that path to ensure both ROI and partner loyalty".

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