E222 Rameez Tase, Co-Founder & CEO at Antenna


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Today's guest is Rameez Tase, Co-Founder & CEO at Antenna in New York. Antenna is an early-stage data analytics startup that is shaking up the way subscription businesses in various industries have access to insightful metrics to make strategic business decisions in today's hyper-competitive environment. They help define the metrics that matter, benchmark success standards vs. the competition, and illuminate the strategies required to build winning direct-to-consumer subscription businesses.

In today's episode, Rameez tells us about:

Who are Antenna & how it all came about,

The success that they have enjoyed so far,

Early challenges they have overcome within the customer journey,

Interesting projects & the day-to-day work within the data team,

Three core values they follow to achieve success,

Plans for growth and what the future holds for Antenna

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