Avoiding Technical Debt and Adopting AI the Right Way - with Brian L. Keith of Microsoft


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Today's guest is Brian L. Keith, a research advisor for Emerj AI Research and Federal Azure Data & AI Leader for Microsoft, based in Washington, DC. Brian has spent nearly 21 years as senior director partner for IBM Data and AI, North America, focusing on the federal space. Brian speaks with us today about some of the core challenges to overcome when large companies adopt AI. He brings a perspective through the lens of technical debt and how AI projects build more technical debt than a foundation for AI to blossom and bloom into the future. Brian brings his perspective on how enterprise AI maturity develops how we can build as little technical debt as possible and invest in projects that can deliver ROI and set us up for the future. Suppose you need to frame the ROI case for the enterprise and go to market successfully. In that case, you might want to learn more about our Catalyst program, where we coach AI services and consulting company founders one-to-one and help them start and grow their business and enter the market with success. To learn more, visit: emerj.com/catalyst

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