Matching Supply and Demand to Improve Healthcare in 2021 - with Sanjeev Agrawal of LeanTaaS


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Today's guest is Sanjeev Agrawal, President & CEO of LeanTaaS. LeanTaaS raised over a quarter billion dollars to take on AI in healthcare and is working with over 300 hospitals in the US. Sanjeev is an alumnus of MIT and was head of global product marketing for Google back in the earlier 2000s. Sanjeev walks us through the state of technology adoption in the healthcare space in an exciting way and talks about how hospitals can start small by leveraging smaller datasets to improve some of their existing processes. We talk a lot about the back-office operations critical to ensure that healthcare facilities are financially salient and patients treated well. Subscribers can reach out to Sanjeev on LinkedIn to get a PDF copy of his book "Better Healthcare Through Math" for free. Interested in more use cases, best practices for AI adoption, strategy, and ROI? Check out Emerj Plus:

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