[AI Futures - S2E1] Stephen Wolfram on the Future Impact of AI on Everyday Life


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In the first episode of this 8 part AI Futures series, we look into the Future of the Human Experience. How is AI going to change the way day-to-day life looks and feels for humanity. Our first guest in this series is Stephen Wolfram, founder, and CEO of Wolfram Research. Stephen needs little to no introduction. He was working in quantum field research at the age of 15 and was the youngest recipient of the McArthur fellowship at age 21. This interview is over an hour-long, with Stephen's most profound thoughts on how AI will fundamentally alter our day-to-day lives. Stephen also provides his views on computation, blockchain, and some tangible examples of what the future might look like. If you've enjoyed or benefited from some of the insights of this episode, consider leaving us a five-star review on Apple podcasts, and let us know what you learned, found helpful, or liked most about this show!

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