Using Google's Model for AI Maturity to Improve Your AI Readiness - with Pallab Deb of Google Cloud


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Today’s guest is Pallab Deb, the Head of Partner Solutions & AI Partnerships at Google Cloud. Previously headed up AI division at WePro, one of the world’s most prominent global IT and tech service providers. Pallab Deb will be talking about how Google assesses AI readiness and maturity and discusses their model in place. He also talks about how to apply the model in assessing the AI readiness of a company. If you want to explore AI readiness for your business or client, then it is worth checking out today’s podcast! Pallab Deb is also a guest in our AI Consulting Podcast, which focuses more on starting and growing an AI Consulting company, with insights from figures from large companies to smaller organizations. If you enjoyed this podcast, then you are also welcome to check out our AI Consulting podcast at

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