S2 E8: Fred Jacobs (President and Founder of Jacobs Media) Season Finale


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Our very special guest is Fred Jacobs, President and Founder of Jacobs Media. Fred was the first radio consultant ever to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. As one of radio's premiere consultants, Fred has helped radio stations and air talent in markets large and small get to the top of their game. We learn many things about Fred Jacobs during this episode, including what inspired his inventions of the "Classic Rock" and "The Edge" radio formats. As much as he loves charts and graphs, Fred was also a radio program director. He rewinds those stories from his days at Detroit Rock Radio’s WRIF, what he thought of the arrival of MTV, and where he was the night John Lennon was killed. Plus we find out his favorite "go-to" artist of all time.
Contact Fred at JacobsMedia.
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