149 – Cessna 172 Q & A with John and Leslie Caubble


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In today’s episode, I’m super excited to introduce John and Leslie Caubble to you!

They’ve become good friends of mine in the last couple years, and they have a really inspiring aviation journey.

We put together some Cessna 172 maintenance related questions, and I thought it would be a lot more fun to have them join me for this episode, rather than me talking about these questions by myself.

In a future episode, we’ll have them back again to talk about their personal aviation journey.

Thanks, John and Leslie, for being a part of this episode!

To learn more about John and Leslie and what they’re doing, check out the following links:





You can also find flymauihi and thealoha360 on Instagram.

I thought this might also be a good time to provide a free resource for owners and operators of Cessna 172’s… it’s a list of commonly needed parts, along with part numbers.

It’s completely free, and I’m confident can save you some significant time and frustration… grab a copy at the following link:

Click here for a free copy.

Check it out, and let me know of any items you think should be added. Thanks!

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