[EN] Episode 05 - Artists shilling their art : my expectations


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Alright, today I had +80 followers on Twitter. How ? By just asking artists to share their art. I studied every answer 1 by 1, checked every wallet and made my purchases accordingly. I took me a total of 4 hours to provide an answer to all the replies. __ Now I have a clearer view of what I expect from them. That is the story I tell in this < 7 minutes podcasts. __ https://twitter.com/akwelz/status/1458784702853226496 ___ You can crave for more here twitter.com/Akwelz www.facebook.com/akwelz instagram.com/akwelz Tiktok : akwelz_ (yup, akwelz déjà pris) ___ Alright, native speakers, make fun, but let me hear you speak french first :)

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