2018 Alabama vs. Louisville


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Alabama vs Louisville 2018

In this episode Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast breakdowns the Tide’s outstanding performance against the mouthy Louisville Cardinals

Starting Quarterback Identified

After all the breathless hype, the answer was as obvious Saturday night as it was seven months ago and it’s the same answer Saban provided when he specified that the Tide needed someone who could distribute the ball.

Viva Jalen

As fans this is a drama that plays out, mostly, on our TVs. But the reality is that these story lines involve real people who are as flawed as any of us. Both players want to start but one is clearly better. Saban appreciates, respects, and wants to protect both players so he pops off to the media. Welcome to humans doing human things. But that’s what makes the next chapter even more tantalizing than the last. Face it, we kinda knew how the starter story line would shake out but no one knows how the balance of Jalen’s career will play out and what foibles will be exposed in the process. But tune is as we speculate.

Receivers on Parade

The Tide’s arsenal at the receiver position was as potent as expected with even more promise in the wings.

Defense Better than Advertised

We knew the Tide defense was young, talented, and prone to giving up plays – at least early in the season. While those labels played out, check out the discussion as to why the defense out performed our expectations.

Defense Improvement Potential

Scary as it may be, the room for improvement among the defense is real. Pundits and opponents should take note.

Special Teams

Kicking… eh, jury is still out. Return game, thank you Coach Banks!

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

Alabama’s home opener features a visit from Red Hawks of Arkansas State. Look for more quarterbacks to play even as the controversy has been resolved.

We hope you’ll check out the Podcast and, in the meantime, Roll Tide!

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