2020 Alabama vs. Ole Miss


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2020 Alabama vs. Ole Miss

Alabama Football Podcast Breaks Down the Tides’ rain and offense drenched foray into Oxford to take on the Rebel Land Bears of Ole Miss.

In this episode Alabama Football Podcast breaks down the Tide’s 2020 laser light show with the Rebels of Ole Miss.

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Ole Miss took Alabama to the wire Saturday night. Lost in the Alabama angst is an outstanding game plan by former Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. From the opening kick, the Ole Miss offense had Alabama on their heels. Yes, errors and poor play were factors working against the Crimson stop squad, but so too was a brilliant plan and full throttle attack executed masterfully by what may be college football’s most underrated signal caller, Matt Carrol. Every play had multiple well executed fakes that played tricks on the eyes of the defense.

Of course, this makes the faithful nervous, but allow room for excellence on the other side and recognize the Tide may not face an offense so prolific, and motivated, until at least the post season. It will help with your sleep.

Offense Production Under Pressure

Meanwhile, the Alabama offensive stat lines are both brilliant and record setting. Mac Jones passes for over 400 yards, again, while completing nearly 90% of his throws, 28 of 32. Najee Harris uncorks the running game to the tune of 206 yards and 5 touchdowns, averaging 9 yards per carry and finally cementing the win on a 39 yard burst that was at least partially powered by the collective exhale of Tide followers around the globe. Record setting or tying performances both individually and collectively.

Perhaps most impressive, and overlooked, is the pressure heaped onto the offense. The mandate of having to score on every possession or risk losing the ballgame is serious business, and uncommon for Tide offenses. Intensity is escalated as each next mistake could play an outsized outcome. Eventually this same pressure capsized the Landsharks.

Defense Under Construction

By my count there are 8 or 10 factors that conspired against Alabama’s defense on this night. It is not a single or binary circumstance and as fans we would do well to recognize and appreciate it. But that is not to say we should just grin and bear it – last Ole Miss mascot joke, I promise. Rather, let’s recognize Ole Miss has managed to give Alabama fits for years, including handing the Tide a pair of losses that many bemoaned as harbingers of an ending era. Let’s recognize the challenges of this game were somewhat unique and educational while also maddeningly frustrating. This game will bring change, even if not as swift and pointed as some want for. This season is a long game, let’s play it.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

The Tide hosts the Georgia Bulldogs in Tuscaloosa for the first time since 2007. With the recent post season matchups, it doesn’t seem like its been 13 years but a lot of great football and nearly the entire Saban regime, to date, has elapsed in the interim.

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