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The alert tv new series “agahi” going to viral soon. In this series of various videos viewers will find the info about insaf pk, jutice pakistan, supreme court justices, police, law and also get huge knowledge of human, human rights, high court, court, criminal, family strokes, criminal law, family law, civil law, case law, legal advice, children rights, women rights, other legal matters. The agahi program of alerttv which is the initiative of qaiserresearch is made for you to enable you to take full information and aware you from your right and educate you, so no buddy will abuse you in judicial matters. Later on in coming episode of this law program you watch lessons about declaration, bail, jail, prisoners, divorce, attorney, mitigate, liability. Not only good stuff for common people but also have vast data for the students of international law, supreme, law school, law college, university of law, litigation. It will be a masterpiece for the professional in law firm especially good stuff for solicitor, prosecutor, barrister, judge, advocate, lawyer, if they watch each coming “Agahi” youtub videos they will get help in procedure of criminal cases and give best legal advice to their respective clients and precede each and every case wisely, specially they get lots of education of harassment cases rather than any legal dictionary or law dictionary. As I seen supreme court decision today about imran khan, pmln, zardari, bilawal bhutto, nawaz sharif, maryam nawaz, bahria town malik riaz, dr shahid masood. I bet with you the common person and professionals will to extract facts from this urdu hindi videoder.

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