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01_Dua Saleh - Survival 02_Laura Misch - Hibernate 03_Kassa Overall - Do You (feat Theo Croker) 04_Wilma Archer & Vritra - The Hill 05_Otay feat. Marcello & 23HUNDRED - Fomo 06_Bombataz - Belly Button 07_Pinty - Nightcrawler 08_KAM-BU and PULLEN - Big Fish 09_Lafawndah - Substancia 10_Naim - Road 11_PNL - Au DD 12_Badgirl$ - Jorts! 13_Little Simz - Selfish 14_Solange - Stay Flo 15_Laneous - Hold My Hand 16_Jitwam - Temptations 17_Faye Webster - Flowers (feat Father)

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