A Conversation with Pete Erickson of VOICE Summit 2019


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In this episode, Teri has a two-way interview between himself and Pete Erickson of Modev, the company behind Voice Summit and the Inside Voice Podcast.


Pete Erickson is the founder and CEO of Modev, and their very successful Voice Summit has so far been the largest gathering of voice technology enthusiasts in the world. Voice Summit 2019 will be taking place in Newark, New Jersey on July 22nd to 25th 2019.

Pete has been interested in interviewing Teri for his podcast and Teri wanted to interview him for his podcast, so they decided to do a joint podcast to get each of each other’s ideas on what’s happening with voice technology today.

New Elements in Voice Summit 2019: Pete

  • The Voice Summit 2018 was more focused on content and bringing voice technology enthusiasts together with as many voices as possible being heard. This year they want to do the same, but they are also adding in some key activations that were not there last year, like The Voice Awards (a full awards dinner where they will give awards across about 15 different categories. Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft will be giving special awards too).
  • They will also add in the Sonic Brands Society, which is a new networking community specifically around audio branding, and it will launched at the Grammy Museum on the 23rd of July, 2019.
  • They will add on a hackathon, S.T.E.A.M Day (for middle to high school kids), and more structured networking type of events.

The Direction of Alexa in Canada: Teri

  • Teri’s biggest passions are education, technology and healthcare.
  • Three years ago he was not involved in the voice first space. He started hearing about voice assistants coming to Canada and got very interested. The more he looked into it; he realized it was something that was going to revolutionize everything that we do.
  • He went into the web to look for resources that Canadians could use to learn about voice, but couldn’t find any, so he decided to create some type of resource. He first launched the Alexa in Canada Podcast.
  • He started to learn about flash briefings and up until today sees them as one of the biggest opportunities in educating audiences.
  • His flash briefing has been the number one flash briefing in Canada since its launch and is currently approaching its 500th consecutive episode.
  • Being a physician, he launched the Voice First Health Podcast with the idea of educating people about what is going on at the intersection of healthcare and voice.
  • He launched Briefcast.FM, the first network for flash briefings, where he vets flash briefings. The network solved the problem of flash briefing discoverability and gives people access to the best quality flash briefings today.
  • He then created the Flash Briefing Formula, a free premium course on how to create a flash briefing.

Teri at the Voice Summit

  • He’s going to give the overview to flash briefings and talk about the opportunities in that space while giving the current statistics on why it’s a great opportunity compared to podcasts.
  • He will then give a tutorial on how to set up a flash briefing by recording a live flash briefing from the workshop, so people can see what goes into it and how it’s put up. That way people will come away from that with basic knowledge on how to set it up on their own flash briefing.
  • Teri will also give several other talks.

Voice in the Longevity Economy: Teri

  • Different companies are jumping into the aging in place sector. Voice is going to have an incredible impact in this space.
  • A voice assistant can act as a care aid for a senior living at home. It can provide medication reminders, reminders of appointments, check on how they are doing, and generally monitor their health.
  • Teri believes we are heading towards a more decentralized healthcare system which will allow seniors to bring healthcare into their homes and consequently take pressure off of the healthcare system and overworked health workers.

Voice Summit Speakers on Voice Technology Use Among Seniors: Pete

  • There will be a lot of brilliant speakers, organizations and healthcare industry strategists at the summit.

Voice Technology Predictions: Pete

  • He predicts that in a year from now, the monetization models for developers are going to open up and bring a lot more independent developers into the voice space. It’s already happening and the ones who are doing it will be highlighted at the Voice Summit 2019.

Voice Technology Predictions: Teri

  • Teri is very excited about the developments related to healthcare and thinks that the recent HIPAA Compliance that was announced by Amazon is a game changer. That means that voice devices can be used as medical devices that can capture, provide and store personal health information.
  • The whole idea of vocal biomarkers (voice as a vital sign) is incredible and Teri predicts that we will start seeing some amazing applications in the near future.

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