Christine Hassler: Learning to Say No & Why You Should Stay Single


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For some of us, we tend to say yes to any opportunity that comes our way. For others, we just aren't able to say no to favors that are being asked of us. But why is that? Why do we say YES when we want to scream NO?

In this episode of the Align Podcast, Christine Hassler and I define issue-based relationships, how to build a proper foundation for opening up to relationships, and what type of people should be staying single at certain points in their lives.

Plus, we cover how compensatory strategies are formed in childhood as coping mechanisms that are later reflected throughout our adult lives.

Christine Hassler is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, master coach, and podcast host who is committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential.

What we discuss:

02:00: Christine's process in saying “no”

05:04: Where does the fear of saying “no” come from?

08:34: How can someone recognize their own compensatory patterns? What is the expectation hangover?

11:16: Why are we here?

12:54: Does the ideal mate exist?

17:25: How to create a foundation in order to open up space for a relationship

20:42: What are issue-based relationships?

23:02: Can a relationship just be easy?

25:02: Can we create a healthy foundation by examining our childhood?

28:48: how to connect to ourselves as a child

30:59: Christine's first deep inner child meditation

42:34: Who should stay single?

45:59: How does Christine define God + her religious upbringing

1:03:44: How are our outer experiences a reflection of the inner reality?

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