Emily Fletcher: Feeling at Home within Ourselves Through Meditation


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In this episode of the Align Podcast, I have a wonderful conversation with Emily Fletcher where we dive into the semantics of meditation and how it's much more powerful than many of us may realize. It's not only a tool for calming our mind, but it physically transforms our mind and body.

We also dive into our childhood wounds, how it has affected us in our adult life, and what we have found to be successful in our healing process.

And as a bonus, at the end of the episode, Emily offers us a transformative 5-minute mediation practice that you can use as a tool for yourself.

Emily Fletcher is the creator of The Ziva Technique and the founder of Ziva, where she developed the world meditation training program. She is also a best selling author: she wrote Stress Less, Accomplish More - Meditation for Extraordinary Performance. She is one of my best friends and overall, a meditation legend.

What we discuss:

[00:08:16] How meditation calms our chaotic energy [00:11:43] The cerebral processes that occur in meditation that make us more empathic [00:12:29] Bypassing our emotions vs. allowing ourselves to feel them [00:23:13] How the body is a record of our past [00:24:13] How meditation is healing: de-exciting our nervous system [00:27:15] 5-minute meditation exercise

Instagram: @emilystellafletcher Website: zivameditation.com Book: zivameditation.com/my-debut-book

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