Jim Kwik: What Makes You Come Alive?


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What’s keeping you from claiming your true powers? Are you even aware of the powers you hold within you and how you can tap into them?

Today’s conversation is with one of my closest friends and widely known, Mr. Jim Kwik. We talk about his book, Limitless – a fabulous read! Jim’s main niche is about memory, focus, and accelerated learning, although the book content is much wider than that. While our imagination might make us think that being limitless is a synonym for perfection, in this episode, Jim explains it in a much more tangible and human way: Limitless is about advancing and progressing beyond what we believe to be possible.

Jim has created a three-part framework that he breaks down for us in this episode. This framework acts as a lens to see what holds us back and to construct our self-awareness to "unlimit" the areas that are in our way. Plus, we both talk about what makes us come alive and our purpose - both fundamental emotional factors for reaching our full potential.

Jim is a renowned brain coach, a memory and speed-reading expert, international speaker, and a social entrepreneur. He has been featured in many programs and podcasts and his book, Limitless, became an instant New York Times bestseller and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller.

What we discuss:

[04:45] Jim’s go-to practices for dealing with stress and anxiety [05:53] Defining what it means to be "limitless" [11:11] Why we need to have a sense of purpose in our lives [15:36] What makes Jim feel alive? [16:52] What makes Aaron feel alive? [20:52] Opening our own mechanisms through the love towards another person [27:03] The antidote for feeling stuck [27:20] The 3 M’s: Mindset, Motivation, Methods [29:06] What Jim would change in the current western educational system

Find more from Jim:

Website: www.jimkwik.com Instagram. @jimkwik Book: www.limitlessbook.com

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