Kyle Kingsbury: Returning to Our Roots Through Nature, Psychedelics, Living Presently and Slowing Down


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How can we cultivate an environment in our homes and lives that brings us closer to Nature? How do psychedelics help us see our lives from a different perspective? What can we do to slow down in a world that seems to never stop? In this episode of The Align Podcast, we discuss Kyle Kingsbury’s vast mesmerizing experiences with psychoactive substances and how that affects his intuition and inner trust, which in turn allows him to connect deeper with his family and see himself from different angles. We also cover why Kyle’s family created their own“eco-field” and how they fully enjoy nature from their home by dedicating themselves to keeping their home low-tech. Plus, we cover Kyle’s experiences and perspectives with polyamorous and monogamous relationships, as well as what we think about what is happening in the present, modern world. Kyle Kingsbury is the host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, is an optimization expert, everyday shaman, full-time coach on the Fit For Service Fellowship and a former UFC fighter. What we discuss: 09:07: How does the environment we create shape the way we think and feel? 13:48: Creating resonance with green space 18:54: How does visualizing and exposing yourself to nature promote healing? 24:09: Discussing mediums to channel your emotions 28:10: Using art as a tool for therapy and the state of flow 41:41: Exploring Kyle and Natasha’s polyamorous marriage 55:26: Psychoactive substances and attaining higher forms of consciousness 1:11:14: Our perception of time and how we experience life based on that

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