Aubrey Marcus: Overcoming Sexual Shame and Stigma to Enhance Your Experience


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In this episode of the Align Podcast, I chat with Aubrey Marcus on all the shame and stigma that surrounds sex. Why do we feel shame? Why do we think we are doing something wrong? Why do we allow it to change the way we feel about ourselves? Aubrey shares his personal experiences with sex, as well as lessons he has learned and the wisdom he has cultivated through these experiences. Aubrey’s insight helps us break through our own sexual barriers, allowing us to enhance our own personal experience.

Aubrey is a long-time close friend of mine, as well as the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization, and is one of the leading health and wellness influencers in the industry,

Aubrey and I discuss:

  • Ketamine-assisted meditations
  • Dealing with depression
  • The connection between your relationship with your parents and your relationship with yourself
  • Why we feel shame about sex
  • Where sex stigmas stem from
  • Thoughts on threesomes
  • Stepping into your sexual phobias
  • Using rejection as an opportunity for self love
  • Aubrey’s best life advice

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