Rituals for Connecting Deeper with Yourself and Your Partner with Natalie MacNeil


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In this episode of the Align podcast, Natalie MacNeil and I have a real, raw, and completely uncensored conversation based on her newest book, The Rituals. Having visited over 100 countries and exposed to countless different cultures, Natalie brings a compilation of rituals for experiencing more joy, activating our highest selves, releasing our emotional blocks, and cultivating wellbeing. Natalie discusses how the integration of these practices will allow us to experience a deeper connection with ourselves and true intimacy with our partners. Not only is Natalie one of my dearest friends, she is also an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, bestselling author. She’s also the creator of SheTakesOnTheWorld.com, which is recognized by Forbes as one of the top sites on the planet for entrepreneurial women. Natalie is frequently quoted and interviewed in the media and has appeared in top media outlets like Glamour, TIME, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Entrepreneur.com, and more. What You’ll Learn:
  • Breath work for releasing emotional blocks
  • Finding movement through the inner wisdom of your body
  • The power of opening your energy centers
  • How to explore your sensuality
  • Sex rituals for a deeper connection with your partner
  • Plus more of Natalies life-changing rituals

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Website: shetakesontheworld.com Instagram: @nataliemacneil Book: The Rituals: Simple Practices to Cultivate Well-Being, Deepen Relationships, and Discover Your True Purpose

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