AI Ep. 101: Smiles Change Lives with Directors, Alexis Barclay and Melanie Johnston


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In our newest Podcast Episode #101, Insiders Dean Steinman and Dr. Barry Glaser talk with two team members from Smiles Change Lives, Directors Alexis Barclay and Melanie Johnston.
Smiles Change Lives is a non-profit organization that works to provide help for families that can't afford the price of a beautiful smile. They believe that braces should not be considered a luxury and that every child should feel good about their smile! Together with over 750 partnering orthodontists, they’ve been able to give nearly 12,000 young people the confidence to smile.
Tune into this podcast to hear:
- The inspiring story of how Smiles Change Lives came to be
- How they have changed the lives of thousands of children
- Why so many doctors just like you have joined this mission
- & much more!
Check them out! 👉

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