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Welcome and thank you for listening to All Aboard The Dream Train. A dream storytelling podcast where people from all walks of life walk us through their dreams and how those dreams have affected them in their waking life.

In this episode I follow the regular format for the show and tell some of the most memorable dreams I’ve had.

How do I relax/unwind?

I believe that a good nights rest starts in the morning and throughout your day and that whatever you do sets you up for good sleep or not.

Sleep Aids rituals?

Yep! An eye mask and sometimes headphones with natural sounds or binaural beats. minimizing noises and light.

Do I keep a dream journal?

Yes, but only recently. Dreams were not much of a focus when I was younger but now I realize how unique they are and how powerful they can be. I plan to start drawing and painting my dreams more.

Night owl or Lark?

I enjoy earlier mornings. I just can’t hang with night owls. I get so tired so early. Im the first to fall asleep when socializing with friends.

Average hours of sleep?

7-8 hours very consistently these days. I used to get absolutely terrible sleep. 4,5, maybe 6 hours during my work week while working swing shift. I always felt like a robot.


In my first dream Im hanging with friends ‘when suddenly everyone is gone. I look around and find that all of my friends have retreated to an attic to escape an incoming monster/character.

I start to make my way to the wooden attic ladder but my body will just not move as fast as I want it to.

I accept my fate and wait for the monster to reach the door near where I am laying. He opens the door and I wake up.


My second dream starts out in a similar way with hanging out with a small group of friends. We are at a lookout area in a run down industrial area and spot 2 figures way off in the distance walking our way.

The two characters are authority figures and we believe they just want us to leave the lookout area.

The tone turns dark extremely quickly and we are now being accused of killing or having been involved with killing a large group of people and were are now being accused of this crime. I feel as if im either facing a long jail sentence or possibly death.

After being accused and interrogated this authority figure lady beings to search our car and as she is bend at the waist digging trough the trunk of the car. I make a split decision to take things into my hands and I beat this authority figure over and over repeatedly.

I’ve never experienced the same feeling after I woke up from that dream before. I felt physically lighter, the weight was off of my shoulders. I was finally able to overcome my recurring theme of not being able to stand up for myself in my dreams.


Listen in for more and thank you for listening!

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