AAB 349 How motherhood and finding her own voice helped Jan succeed with breastfeeding her daughter


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Jan tells us how her childhood experiences, specifically her relationship with her mother, paved the way for her future as a psychotherapist. She describes herself as a late bloomer, in more ways than one. For example, she enrolled in Graduate School when she was 48. Jan describes how she felt when her mother told her that at 3 weeks old, Jan rejected her as she did not want to breastfeed. She shares some intimate moments related to breastfeeding her babies and how shocked she was that breastfeeding was very different with her second baby than with her first. Jan talks about the difficulty she had breastfeeding her son as she suffered with postpartum depression. She felt devastated by this and needed to get help for her depression. Jan shares her mother guilt about how her postpartum depression affected all areas of mothering her son. She also talks about her role as a Library Program Coordinator

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