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Once upon a time, if you wanted to be a personal trainer you had to spend hours toiling in the physical location of a health club or studio to help your clients change their lives. Now that it's 2019, grinding hours upon hours in a gym to make a living is close to going the way of the flip phone... there will be a few people that like holding on to tradition because they fear new technology (or just don't want to deal with it) but more and more trainers are leaving facilities and going online to recruit and coach their clients.
Jill Coleman is one of the leaders of this new form of virtual fitness; through her website: www.jillfit.com and her killer Instagram feed - @jillfit - Jill is changing the game for how fitness is delivered to the masses. On this bonus episode of All About Fitness, you will hear some great insights on how you can rock your workouts from one of the leading fitness influencers today.
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