Live from IDEA China 2019: The International Growth of the Fitness Industry


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For those of us fortunate to maintain a lavish western lifestyle it can be hard to imagine what the fitness scene might look like in countries like Thailand, India, Philippines or Oman; however, fitness is international and no matter where you go in the world there are modern health clubs with 21st century fitness equipment.

As the economies of countries modernize, it’s creating new opportunities for the growth of the fitness industry. As workers move to higher-paying jobs they can afford many “luxuries” of modern living like fast food, smart phones and video games, as a result, the populations of these countries are experiencing a number of health issues related to a sedentary lifestyle that could affect the long term economic viability of each country. The upside its that these easily preventable health issues are creating new opportunities for the international growth of the fitness industry as many countries turn to exercise to help fight lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Fortunately, all around the world health clubs are opening in an effort to help people stay healthy through exercise and no where is this growth more explosive than the Asian market. As health clubs open and sign up new members this is creating an international demand for educated personal trainers. On this episode of All About Fitness, recorded live from the IDEA Conference in Shanghai, China, Marc Coronel, an international educator for fitness products like TRX and Trigger Point Therapy and Brian Bettendorf, an international business consultant specializing in fitness equipment, discuss the international growth of the fitness industry and whether personal trainers in Asia are better educated than those in the states (you'll have to listen to find out whether or not they are).

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