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Legs. Chest. Back. Arms. Core. Fascia. Emotions.
Yes, most exercise programs will focus on specific muscles or parts of the body, but when was the last time you walked into a gym to strengthen your fascia or train your emotions?
The truth is that our bodies are complex organisms containing numerous systems (digestive, nervous, muscular) each one affected by exercise. Your fascia is the elastic tissue that surrounds every single muscle fiber; muscles generate force and fascia transmits that force through the body. If you are not doing the proper exercise or self-care techniques for your fascia, it WILL affect how you move and could be a potential cause of injury. When it comes to our emotions, there is a direct connection between how we feel and how we move; motion influence emotion and emotion influences motion.
On this episode of All About Fitness, Rodney Corn, a co-founder of Feel Soma one of the smartest, most innovative fitness educators in the world who helped create the education programs for PTA Global and NASM shares his insights on fascia and emotions and how each can have a significant impact on how you move and feel both in and out of the gym.
If you've been experiencing chronic pain or are in need of a new motivation for exercise, then this episode of All About Fitness is for you!
Instagram: @Feel.soma or @rodneycorn
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